Friday, September 26, 2003

Photo Friday..... Heights

Photo Friday theme............. Heights

click here to see it up close and personal.

A cloudless day at Big Sable Lighthouse...

.....provided lots of photo opportunities, but i just had to photograph the shadow of this magnificent structure! Yes folks, that's people down there, walking out to the beach. Although this 112 foot structure, with it's 130 steps up the spiral staircase is no longer in use, it brings memories of the day Frank and i spotted it's successor as we sailed around Lake Michigan's Big Sable Point in our 36 foot Formosa ketch. The last bit of sailing was a bit choppy and i was one happy sailor when i saw that big beautiful tower!

Thursday, September 25, 2003

PhotoTime - Theme..... Communication

PhotoTime - Theme..... Communication

Watch your step!

Watch your step...

it's a long way down, but i think it's easier going down than it was climbing this grand old lighthouse in Ludington. The Big Sable is a whole bevy of photo-ops... inside and out... and i got lots of pics. Now to get them all into a web album.

Theme Thursday - It's all Good

Theme Thursday Theme: It's all good.
Inspiration: This week's theme was sent in by David Chin of (which is another great photo collab project).
He wrote, "Beginning photography is starting a journey into looking at
life differently and hopefully for the better. Our favourite
photographs are taken when we are smiling whilst looking through the
camera... I'd like to promote a theme where one is to take a photo
which makes them feel good and grateful to be alive."

bubba and amylou mae - lovies

I'm smiling every time i see this dynamic duo together!

Bubba came into our life as a companion for Gus, a 'tuxedo long-hair' only months older than Bubba. When Gus died from a problem undetected by our former veterinarian, Bubba was despondent. Repeated efforts to replace his buddy seemed futile until somebody left a pregnant cat in our yard and we discovered her and her 3 babies under a bush. We kept the mom and AmyLou, who soon adopted Bubba as her best bud and so it's been ever since. AmyLou, 3 years old this past July, is our eternal kitten as evidenced by this photo. Ya gotta love 'em!

Friday, September 19, 2003

Photo Friday..... Found

Photo Friday..... Found

See this fellow up close and personal!

...this little 'insect-eating machine'

...looking very scared. I'm not sure what he was doing there but probably he was just sunning himself. Sure there are people who don't like to see toads and snakes but these little fellows sure are a big resource when it comes to cleaning up the insect population! No, I don't like to touch them... ugh!!!... but I respect their space in our universe.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Theme Thursday... Season Change

Theme Thursday...... Season Change

see it up close and personal

Fresh Harvest for Sale

It's Michigan... that's in the U.S. As we drive through the countryside one of the first harbingers of Autumn is the farmer's wagon full of fresh vegetables for sale. Yes, some farmers have fruit stands set up most of the summertime as well, but the autumn stand provides a beautiful display of typical autumn colors.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

PhotoTime number 15 - Yard Art

PhotoTime theme number 15 is Yard Art...

Click to see it full-sized

This 'stepping stone' in my friend's garden is my favorite...

.....even though i took enough photos to fill a whole gallery! Wrote all about the photo-gathering experience at the gallery, so you just must visit it and tell me what you think.

Friday, September 12, 2003

Photo Friday - Faith

Photo Friday............................ Faith

View 'Faith' full-sized at my photo gallery

Faith is knowing those fish are down there...

Faith is James knowing he will catch one... and toss it back in so it can grow up. A couple of years ago his Uncle Dave showed him how to filet a fish. He skillfully fileted one himself and ever since has been a 'catch and release' fisherman. Just like his grandpa!

When James' mom was a kid the girls would fish off the little houseboat we had. Their dad would tell them to save the fish in a big old cooler... admonishing them to change water frequently to keep them alive. No matter how good the fishing, it seemed we always had to supplement the fishfry with more protein.

One day as Frank was preparing the day's catch in the galley sink i noticed he would occasionally throw a fish out the window and back into the water. Astonished, i asked him what he was doing... the girls had so proudly caught and cared for them! He picked up a flopping fish from the sink... handed it to me... handed me the big ol' knife and said.... 'Here, you cut the head off this one.' I said... 'Okay, throw it back!' The girls continued fishing as long as we had the houseboat... and we continued to have small fishfries.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Theme Thursday - Broken

ThemeThursday..... them is Broken

click for more at sherle's gallery

More Broken Homes

Answering comments when i posted the first Broken Homes - this is the reason the abandoned trailer homes are not suitable for rehabitation. These stretch for several acres so i'd guess the location was perhaps a trailer park once upon a time.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Lulu's Lines... memories are.......

Lulu's Lines
Memories are................... wonderful to preserve but today is for living. I guess that's why i now spend more time putting my newest photos in web albums and less time on my Creative Memories scrapbooking projects. There are currently five CM photo albums in various stages of creation at our house...
  • a 'current year' - that year being 2002...
  • a 'heritage' album - old photos i was able to scrounge and/or scan for copies from my mother...
  • a 'baby album' begun when AmyLou Mae was born three years ago (kitten pictures)...
  • a 'backward' album begun with photos taken prior to the date i began my first CM album, currently back as far as Windy's wedding in June 1995...
  • and a Christmas album with snippets from each Christmas since Patti taught me all about Creative Memories.
Since our first experiences with the digital camera i've spent way too much time organizing photos and getting them up to DotPhoto where i can have them printed. Unfortunately for Creative Memories, there are so many of them the thought of putting all those photos in scrapbooks frazzles me! Fortunately it keeps the husband 'off the streets' because he's busy putting photos on CD's and DVD's..... and now i'm putting a precious few into web galleries..... so i guess i could say 'Memories are for making; we'll save them for somebody else to sort out.'

Phototime... Holey

PhotoTime..... this week's theme - Holey

See it bigger... and even biggest at sherle's gallery

This holey home for little fly-catchers looks pretty humble from here.

Ah yes, when you buy a place that's been well used, it needs a little tender loving care to bring it up to speed... and so it goes. Perhaps we can spruce up this little place for the purple martins now that it is once again abandoned for the season. It came with the cottage and the birds actually use it.

Friday, September 05, 2003

PhotoTime... Glass

PhotoTime.....the theme until next Tuesday is Glass

See it up close and personal

Rose Garden

I just LOVE my new camera!!! Got it Wednesday but today was the first time i was able to give it a workout. I let the husband try it out so he could give me lessons... and we went to Saginaw's Andersen Memorial Rose Garden. Maybe some things happen for a reason. This new camera is similar to operate and has even more features than the old one..... Check this photo out... it's my latest desktop wallpaper! Just took it today!

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Theme Thursday's theme Bubbles

ThemeThursday..... Bubbles

see the full-sized picture of soap bubbles in the lake... right here.

Soapy Bubbles in the Lake - Monday morning

Excuse me but i just can't seem to get off my 'soapbox' so here's a photo i took on a calm day on our little lake. Residents complain about the weeds... visitors and residents complain about the poor fishing. I know that activity on the lake, be it wind or lots of boats speeding around, will cause 'bubbles' but these appeared on a calm day during the week. No wind. No boat action. I'm convinced more than one resident empties their 'gray water' into the lake. Unfortunately grey water includes soap. Many soaps include phosphates. Phosphates fertilize the weeds. Too much tangled weed cover stunts fish growth and can even kill fish. Okay, i'm done.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

lulu's lines

Lulu's Lines
I enjoy........... being a girl! I've never had any doubts. I don't like leaving home without my makeup on and even though i'm usually wearing jeans or shorts, i need to look like i'm equally comfortable in skirts and frills. Actually i prefer jeans or shorts because they show those curves that say... 'yup, i'm a girl!' even though i'm a tad heavier than i used to be. Actually the few times when i must 'dress up' i prefer the sophisticated, tailored look to frills and ruffles, but i'm happiest in pants. I wanted daughters and God gave me daughters - six to be exact! (Well, maybe my husband helped.) ...and yes, we raised them to be as individual and outspoken as i am and it's something i'll never regret.

Wondering why the photo? This one was taken at the beach in Manistee. Been thinking the photo here in sherle's photos background makes me look fat so wanted to see another perspective! Just call me 'Legs'...

My hope is....