Wednesday, September 03, 2003

lulu's lines

Lulu's Lines
I enjoy........... being a girl! I've never had any doubts. I don't like leaving home without my makeup on and even though i'm usually wearing jeans or shorts, i need to look like i'm equally comfortable in skirts and frills. Actually i prefer jeans or shorts because they show those curves that say... 'yup, i'm a girl!' even though i'm a tad heavier than i used to be. Actually the few times when i must 'dress up' i prefer the sophisticated, tailored look to frills and ruffles, but i'm happiest in pants. I wanted daughters and God gave me daughters - six to be exact! (Well, maybe my husband helped.) ...and yes, we raised them to be as individual and outspoken as i am and it's something i'll never regret.

Wondering why the photo? This one was taken at the beach in Manistee. Been thinking the photo here in sherle's photos background makes me look fat so wanted to see another perspective! Just call me 'Legs'...

My hope is....


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