Thursday, September 25, 2003

Theme Thursday - It's all Good

Theme Thursday Theme: It's all good.
Inspiration: This week's theme was sent in by David Chin of (which is another great photo collab project).
He wrote, "Beginning photography is starting a journey into looking at
life differently and hopefully for the better. Our favourite
photographs are taken when we are smiling whilst looking through the
camera... I'd like to promote a theme where one is to take a photo
which makes them feel good and grateful to be alive."

bubba and amylou mae - lovies

I'm smiling every time i see this dynamic duo together!

Bubba came into our life as a companion for Gus, a 'tuxedo long-hair' only months older than Bubba. When Gus died from a problem undetected by our former veterinarian, Bubba was despondent. Repeated efforts to replace his buddy seemed futile until somebody left a pregnant cat in our yard and we discovered her and her 3 babies under a bush. We kept the mom and AmyLou, who soon adopted Bubba as her best bud and so it's been ever since. AmyLou, 3 years old this past July, is our eternal kitten as evidenced by this photo. Ya gotta love 'em!


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