Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It's foto pherrets hump day...

...and the topic is 'friend'

My friend knows I can't do some things around the yard as well as he can. Springtime clean up is a biggy around here - especially because we typically have a flood in the back yard every year at least once. Not only did he gather up tree branches and trash that floated downstream, he also trimmed back some trees to make it easier for me to mow the yard! His wife is my friend too - and she knows I don't really want her husband, or anybody else's; I just like to borrow one from time to time! ;-)

Monday, July 03, 2006

foto pherrets hump day challenge...

..well, it's not the next Wednesday yet! I'll get in on time one of these days. The challenge is 'fountain' and I've taken photos of many fountains but this one is in my back yard! You need to click on this photo to actually see the water but, oh well... it brings enjoyment to my neighborhood birds.

This photo was taken last September and the flowers are really big this year. Haven't gotten around to turning on the fountain yet though. I will. ;-)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Beth at Midland Daily News challenged us... suggest cost-saving ideas for the holiday weekend. Read her article and join in with comments and/or photos at the article called Day Trippin'

Why not visit a lighthouse near you? Daughter Shar and I walked this pier yesterday in Ludington. First photo is a view from a bench near our parking space in the City Park.

...and then it still seems far away on the first 'leg' out

Chose not to use zoom on this view..... it sure seems a long way away.

Actually there were lots of people coming and going during our stroll. There was even a family with a bunch of young teens swimming at the very end of the pier.

Frank & I often photographed sunsets with this lighthouse in the background... from the walkway near the public boat launch area. From a distance the lighthouse appears to be lopsided. Now, up close, I can see why. It has a peculiar shape to the base... sort of boat-shaped.

Here... a truly awesome view of Lake Michigan in the shadow of this great communication tool to boaters. Actually there was nothing money-saving about this trip. Had to fill up my gas tank at $2.979/gal (a bargain yesterday) and used it all on the 5 hour round trip. Got some business taken care of in town and spent some quality time with Shar... all in all a worthwhile investment!