Thursday, September 04, 2003

Theme Thursday's theme Bubbles

ThemeThursday..... Bubbles

see the full-sized picture of soap bubbles in the lake... right here.

Soapy Bubbles in the Lake - Monday morning

Excuse me but i just can't seem to get off my 'soapbox' so here's a photo i took on a calm day on our little lake. Residents complain about the weeds... visitors and residents complain about the poor fishing. I know that activity on the lake, be it wind or lots of boats speeding around, will cause 'bubbles' but these appeared on a calm day during the week. No wind. No boat action. I'm convinced more than one resident empties their 'gray water' into the lake. Unfortunately grey water includes soap. Many soaps include phosphates. Phosphates fertilize the weeds. Too much tangled weed cover stunts fish growth and can even kill fish. Okay, i'm done.


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