Monday, January 16, 2006

Favorite 5 Photos - It's New!

Here's my Favorite 5 Photos for January of this brand new year 2006.
First is the lamplight in Frankenmuth Michigan during the Christmas season.

Next is the funny little frog(?) that usually sits on my desk by my computer. She was happy to pose among the poinsettias. Actually, Otto took a picture of this frog first but fortunately for me she didn't use it for one of her five!
This is my mother-in-law's bible, opened to the page where she had her hand-crocheted bookmark before she died. I got it out and took this photo for my youngest granddaughter. She was doing a geneology project for school. Did a GREAT job too, didn't she OttO?
The oldest and the youngest members of my furry little family. That big ol' Bubba has no couth... and little AmyLou Mae just loves to be near him anyway.
Was gonna make ya' guess what this one is... but hey, I'll tell you! It's the fountain mister thingy I received for Christmas. That's the mist swirling around the center... I took a bunch of photos to get this one showing the colors changing!