Monday, June 26, 2006

Haven't been to foto pherrets lately...

..but OttO reminded me when she gave us a challenge at Monday Madness this week. The foto pherret challenge last Wednesday (Hump Day Hunt) was 'statue.'

This statue in Grand Rapids, MI is referred to simply as 'The Calder' - referring to the artist's name. The actual title is 'La Grande Finesse.'

Monday, June 19, 2006

...and now for JUNE!

While I'm on a roll, here's my pick of favorites for the month of June. This hanging basket - fuschia plant - has a hummingbird visitor on a regular basis. Haven't been able to catch him yet... darn!

Forget-me-nots!!! Aren't they beautiful? My neighbor, who just built next door to me a year ago, has covered the whole hillside down to the 'creek' with flowers.

Coreopsis grows profusely along the side of my little pond... in the garden we planted last summer. The purple flowers are Pincushion plants.

Precarious position for a rock, don't you think? A rock garden creation by my friends next door.

...and what is June without a graduation party?
Isn't this fun? Why don't you participate in Favorite 5 too? I'd love to see your favorite photos each month!

Favorite 5 - May

So I'm late! I had these photos all picked out for posting last month, so I'm sharing them anyway.

Patti and I watched this little family in a Bay City park, munching on things in the lawn ... then they swam off in the Saginaw River... for a little seafood meal, I guess.

This iris was one of the first bloomers in my newly established flower garden.

Celosia plants - a Mother's Day gift - getting ready to plant them.

After the springtime flood - under a bridge across the Tittabawassee River.

Festival Park - with local parks like this, who needs to feed the oil companies' big bankroll?