Friday, September 12, 2003

Photo Friday - Faith

Photo Friday............................ Faith

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Faith is knowing those fish are down there...

Faith is James knowing he will catch one... and toss it back in so it can grow up. A couple of years ago his Uncle Dave showed him how to filet a fish. He skillfully fileted one himself and ever since has been a 'catch and release' fisherman. Just like his grandpa!

When James' mom was a kid the girls would fish off the little houseboat we had. Their dad would tell them to save the fish in a big old cooler... admonishing them to change water frequently to keep them alive. No matter how good the fishing, it seemed we always had to supplement the fishfry with more protein.

One day as Frank was preparing the day's catch in the galley sink i noticed he would occasionally throw a fish out the window and back into the water. Astonished, i asked him what he was doing... the girls had so proudly caught and cared for them! He picked up a flopping fish from the sink... handed it to me... handed me the big ol' knife and said.... 'Here, you cut the head off this one.' I said... 'Okay, throw it back!' The girls continued fishing as long as we had the houseboat... and we continued to have small fishfries.


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