Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Lulu's Lines
TRIGGER 1::: This morning as I woke up I thought...................
What a gloriously beautiful morning! The sun is shining and I can smell the coffee brewing in the kitchen. I am so fortunate. Ever since I started drinking coffee there's been somebody fixing the coffee for me... first was my dad. When we married, my husband took over the job... and during their teen years, sometimes one or another of my daughters would fix me a cup... usually it was my oldest. Now again, it is my husband who greets me with a 'good morning' and the smell of fresh coffee.

I'm sure it's love that triggers the action... but could it also be mingled with a bit of fear? Is it perhaps that they truly realize the addiction I have for that wonderful aromatic stuff? Have they perhaps had a vision of the ogre within me.. the one that could rise and growl it's way into the morning without a cup of brew? I wonder.

There was a time when I drank my first cup in front of the mirror preparing my 'image' for the outside world. Arriving at my desk promptly, I was ready for the second cup! The office coffee pot was the usual place for 'good mornings' all around. Needing a break now and again, there were more visits to the coffee pot during the workday... and then..... home again.

Down to two cups a day now... those in the morning. Coffee time is still a ritual. As I awaken and rise for the day I head for the computer... turn it on... then pour my first cup and check the morning email. By the time that first cup is empty I've checked my various weblogs... are there comments? I visit the PhotoTime entries and drop off an appropriate comment or two... then... lock up the internet access with ZoneAlarm, my firewall, and pour a second cup... this time with a little bit of breakfast and with my 'partner for life.' What a glorious world... what a pampered life I live. I thank God I was born healthy and in the U.S.A.
TRIGGER 2::: I turned around and.........


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