Friday, August 15, 2003

PhotoTime - Amusement

PhotoTime #10..... Amusement

Due to the trauma involved when my Olympus 700UZ sank into at least 1 foot of marl and 4 feet of lake water, i'm sharing two photos this week... this first was taken while we were amusing ourselves with my little Boston Whaler Squall photographing the turtles. Granni39's oldest grandson stopped by with his dad's boat. This photo was on the card in the lake in the marl...

James enjoys taking his dad's boat out for a spin.

Olympus is in the shop... there IS hope and husband is still alive. I, however, am the temporary owner of his new Nikon CoolPix 5700. Here is one of my first attempts. Was amusing myself by 'getting familiar' with the Nikon. I call this one 'bees' although i originally thought i was just photographing the Tansy! Discovered the bees upon looking at the photo in full size!

Ya just gotta see the real full-sized version to appreciate the clarity of this tansy with bees! Click here.

Hmmmmm! Maybe i'll just keep the Nikon...
P.S. I used the Nikon to photograph the Tall Ships! He borrowed one!


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