Tuesday, August 26, 2003

PhotoTime Theme number Twelve - Favorite

PhotoTime theme of the week is..... Favorite

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My new Favorite photo subject is sunsets

I recently learned some of the settings to use for taking a really nice sunset photo with a digital camera. Sunsets are sometimes difficult to obtain... they are frequently elusive..... and ever changing. I have many favorite places to view sunsets... and some unlikely places. This shot was taken on the beginning of a pier at the channel entrance in Manistee, Michigan... one of the many special places to visit on the west side of this magnificent state. It's also a romantic place! If you look closely (or click the pic for a larger view) you will see a fisherperson at the end of the pier. There are actually two young people out there fishing and they seemed really pleased to see us leave after our photo session... where we had apparently invaded their personal space. 'It could'a been worse, kids... i was tempted to photograph you!'


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