Thursday, August 14, 2003

LuLu's Lines

lulu's lines weekly suggestion...

I feel most at peace when...........
it's early morning lakeside. First cup of coffee in hand, I relax... gazing at the peacefully flat watery surface. It looks like a new flavor of Jello... noisy boats have not yet ruffled her surface. If I were to visit the 'turtle place' at that time, they would all be peacefully sunning themselves on their favorite logs.... enormous invaders - nervejarring, pounding, screaming jetskiis not yet creating the almost daily... thunderous attacks against their safe little havens.

Great blue - the beautiful heron - might visit a nearby empty beach... as a few geese lazily walk up onto the cultivated lawns of my neighbors, desirous to fertilize their lawns further, causing a few 'walking hazards' for humans who meander on the lawns later. Even the noisy gulls are at bay... an occasional hummingbird stops by, sipping nectar from the yard's border of flowers. This is the lake at it's most beautiful... as God created it.


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