Friday, August 22, 2003

PhotoTime...number 11

PhotoTime..... theme this week is... Odd

See the 'real thing'... click here

'Borrowed' this one from 'the husband'

While i was photographing the Tall Ships in this location... framing them with grasses and trees... the man of the house was up close and personal at the water's front. (He had to crawl through a mostly dried out marsh and reeds to get there.) When he saw what i was doing he took this shot. I think it's odd. If you want to see what this beautiful ship really looks like, click on the photo and it will take you to the gallery he created featuring the Tall Ships as they arrived in Bay City, Michigan. Oh, yeah! here's mine.

These ships arrived the day of the big blackout and although we were extremely fortunate, Bay City's bridges were closed for a while. Some of the ships made it to their destination at the docks in town... and some didn't that day.


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