Friday, August 29, 2003

Lulu's Lines

TRIGGER 2::: The view of.......... our little lake from the living room window at the cottage is beautiful! It's the reason we bought the place... it's the reason we put in bigger windows. I see a bit of lawn... complete with a small variety of wildflowers (some may call them weeds) that persist. We mow it anyway. The lawn is green even though we use neither fertilizer or weed killer on it. It's close enough to the lake to be mostly green most of the time and we don't want to put stuff into the lake to either encourage aquatic weed growth or kill the fish and other organisms living there.

The dock is a little narrow and in parts a little crooked, but it's our dock. I visualize a wider one with a big deck out at the end where we can put our deck chairs, but for now well... it's a nice place to tie up our little boats. I see the flagpole which i set up dockside a few years ago. I haven't flown the flag this year because i choose not to until the 'pork' issue is resolved.

Where the brown storage shed sits at waters edge and the corner of our property, I visualize a small gazebo.... nothing fancy but a place where we can sit by the water in the shade and enjoy each other's company. This for me will complete the outdoor living area of our perfect little spot in the 'north country.'


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