Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Lulu's Lines... a delightful new meme!

Lulu's Lines... Words are precious
This is one meme i must try! Lulu will offer the beginning of a sentence and..... well you go from there! This week is her second week and here is my feeble attempt, but i'm sure there will be more. Read what Pariah wrote about 'words are precious' and you'll understand what a challenge this exercise really can be.

The hazy lazy days of summer bring...........hazy lazy ways to enjoy this lovely season while we can. The sultry heat of an August afternoon is an invitation to catch those precious last rays of summer sunshine before the inconsistent days of Autumn blow into our world.

Slathering the suntan lotion with a lighter touch... the continual contact with sunshine in the summer has toughened our tender skins a bit and the sun is slowly moving further away... White skins have tanned... some more than others, from golden shades to deep browns... brown skins have become browner, some into deeper richer mahogany colors.. again in varying shades.... and then there are the freckles! Even they come in many colors, and sizes.

All these skins tones have come to be associated with a healthy lifestyle... although we know that every one of us must protect our skin from too much ultra-violet rays. As the sunshine fades further away from our side of the earth, we are revitalized... less hazy... less lazy..... until winter comes and we move briskly just to keep ourselves warm. Our skins pale and we look forward to another summertime.


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