Wednesday, November 05, 2003

PhotoTime Tuesday..... Rural

PhotoTime Tuesday..... Rural

rural cows 10 inch

This farm has a whole lot of cows...

...and a roadside vegetable stand. The veggie sales are on the honor system. Choose and bag your choices and put the money in the padlocked box. It was a dairy farm at one time evidenced by the white shed at left of the old barn. It was once a milk house where the milk was handled and stored until picked up by the purchaser. Milk was not pasteurized here... they had a separator which separated most of the cream from the milk. This way the farmer could sell the cream for whipping cream and butter and the milk for drinking.

old barnsI really like the style of this old barn. Matter of fact, we were on a photo shoot... looking for interesting barns and farm buildings. It was difficult making my choice for PhotoTime.the petting farm

I got the third shot at a petting farm just a few miles from where we live. We noticed the sign on their property near the freeway and had to visit. For a small fee people bring their children to see and pet the farm animals and for an additional fee... go for a hayride. Click any barn for the big picture.


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