Thursday, October 30, 2003

ThemeThursday... Scarey

ThemeThursday... Scarey
The only thing scarier than a bully is one that is born to and trained by a bully... the only bad neighbor we've had in 48 years together! This is a guy who will break any rule he can if he thinks he can get away with it, but has nominated himself 'neighborhood police' trying to stop anybody and everybody who wants to improve the area.

Beware the Bully in Training!

Beware the Bully in Training!

Stop Work! This boy's father, a Detroit slumlord who moved to a small town to raise his children first showed his despicable behavior when, as campers at his campground, we told him we decided to buy the next door property... 62 foot lakefront with two little cottages on it. He kicked us out of the campground! We later learned he wanted it himself... at a bargain price. The seller was so glad to get our offer that he sold it to us for almost half the asking price! The guy next door has harassed us ever since. Now he's training the kid. We subsequently bought 180 foot lake frontage from the previous owner of the campground. He said if only he had known what kind of person John was, he wouldn't have sold him the campground!

Click the 'stop work' thumbnail for the rest of the story.


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