Friday, October 24, 2003

ThemeThursday again

Theme Thursday..... Picture Yourself

and... Photo Friday - Power For this one we'll title it... The Grandmother, her word is gospel, her rule is strong!

I got squished today....... and i'm here to tell about it. The shirt is my mammogram shirt! I earned it... and received it free from Rosie O'Donnel in 1998 when she offered free t-shirts to everybody who had a mammogram and sent a copy of the receipt to the designated address. October is breast awareness month... or something like that. Yeah i know... for some of you guys every month is! Anyway... i'm preaching so behave yourselves! Mammograms save lives... and have been known to save a few breasts too.

Now... when i got home from the Women's Health Center i started taking my own photo! I tried last night and in frustration submitted my shadow. (I take LOTS of shadow pictures actually!) Today i was determined to get a good shot of me and with a little help from the ol' fellow i live with... well lots of patient advice actually..... i finally got this one!

I 'ran' right over to Christine's 'Picture Yourself' place and submitted it to her. (That's why it's smaller than my usual photo. She likes them to be no bigger than 300 pixels at the largest part.) Then i read my email and found one from Reb at Theme Thursday. Can you believe? My shadow was rejected! Instead of being bummed i was glad and will resubmit this one in it's place! Those guys have lots of rules and one is that you can only submit one photo per week. Well, here goes... and remember! Ladies, get your mammogram! Guys, make sure your ladies get their mammograms! Love ya!

What motivated me to take my own photo? .....this young lady! You go girl!


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