Saturday, November 01, 2003

Saturday Snapshots

Saturday Snapshots... Celebration
When i first discovered photo theme websites earlier this year i was disappointed to find Saturday Snapshots was no longer active... so i started PhotoTime. Well it's back and listing a whole month's supply of themes at a time. Great idea!

Celebration of the Salmon Swimming Upstream to Spawn

brings loads of fishermen to this river to try their luck. Fascinating to me because i've seen kids of all ages float downstream to the mouth of Lake Michigan in the summer... swans from the lake find haven here in winter... ducks, geese and tourists practically year-round, but i've never seen so many fishing the river before. Not only the river's edge, but people in rubber pants wading right in, hoping to catch the big ones before they make it all the way upstream where they will die. The goal, we learned, is to catch them before their skin turns dark and they will no longer be the tasty salmon we all love to grill. Very few were actually catching fish this day... the fish were more interested in each other and getting those eggs to their destination per nature's call.


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