Wednesday, November 26, 2003

PhotoTime..... Kitchen in the Abstract

PhotoTime..... Kitchen in the Abstract

Warhol Drawer 2

Thanks Will! It was fun photographing my kitchen... the Thanksgiving stuff i need to do... and trying to make an abstract out of it!..... a bigger challenge than i needed today! Can i blame any of my turkey day goof-ups on you? Took all those photos and ended up with a 'rethink' on the 'Warhol drawer' -something i did a while back for another challenge. So the pies are in the oven... now here's a mini-gallery of the best of the rest of today's photo shoot.

Oh yes and Will, darlin' just for you, my 'oppositional defiant' self just had to take this photo! I like to call it 'Quality Control'

Peace and love to all... gotta go chase a cat out of the kitchen!
Remember... A peacock who sits on his feathers is just another turkey!


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