Tuesday, November 11, 2003


PhotoTime Tuesday..... Signs
Didn't realize i had so many signs in my photo collection! Thanks, gai, for suggesting it! I guess my favorite is this one...

silver fox

Shooting from Behind a Fanciful Sign

We were on a fox hunt, so to speak... City of Midland, MI had foxes throughout downtown area all fancified and decorated by local artists. I shot my silver fox behind this sign while he was photographing the purple striped fox sponsored by this little shop.

gitcher hotdawgs here!Click to see how impressive this sign is as it looks out toward the beach. This concession stand is right next to the road at the City Park and i never realized they had hot dogs because the sign is, of all places, on the back side of the building! To their credit it's a big beach and full all summer long, so i'm sure they get lots of business but still...

nobody home
...and skipping around town after the regular tourists were all gone other places for the winter, we stopped by at the desolate-looking Yacht Club. Actually there were still two boats here... one at a dock and one in the mooring area. So sad. When we were sailing i always hated it when boating season came to an end.


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