Wednesday, November 19, 2003

PhotoTime..... Bridges

PhotoTime..... Bridges

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The Old Smith's Crossing Bridge...

...isn't much to look at but what an adventure! Had several fine bridge photos in my recent files but got to wondering what happened to the old Smith's Crossing Bridge, replaced years ago further upstream and the road to the river at the old bridge blocked off. Had to mention it to Frank. He insisted we go out on a photo shoot. I needed a couple more items for my 26 Things Two challenge anyway, so off we went. see the bigger version

Had to take some backroads to get there but there we were! A big sign... a gate... and a well-worn foot path around the gated road. Hard to believe this was a two lane road not too long ago.... now overgrown with grasses and weeds, it was little more than a single path. Imagine my dismay when i saw a big corrugated road block riveted across the bridge! That baby is at least 12 feet up the bridge! Some picture, huh? Frank had climbed it to the top where he stood taking pictures! By golly if he can do it, I can... so I did! Those corrugations were deep enough to serve as steps... up this old brawd went... rickety knees and all!


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