Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Lulu's Lines

Lulu's Lines

Sorry Lulu, i'm 'way late getting Lulu's Lines up. I had 'em done long ago and on my hard drive. Just needed to get a round tuit! Glad your heart cath came out okay!

TRIGGER 1::: What I would really like now is....... a bit more summertime. It seems to have flown by. While summer was 'happening' i always encouraged the guys to enjoy the summer. We could get our work done at the cottage when the weather cools off. Well it cooled off... a lot! Gonna be movin' the earth this weekend... literally... making our sandy driveway up north driveable again.

It was such a mess after a propane delivery a year or so ago that we have had troubles getting in and out - even with my little 4-wheel drive pickup truck! The delivery guy ignored our instruction to stay further up the drive and bring the hose in to fill our tank. A new grade and big gravel delivery and we'll be in good shape!

TRIGGER 2::: Do you ever wonder........................ why so many guys tend to ignore instructions? For instance, if the propane delivery guy had followed our instructions we would not have to redo the driveway at our cottage up north. Another example... ever since he heard of the high speed wireless cable that's available in our neck of the woods, Frank has lusted for it with a passion. It's cheaper than Charter Cable and faster! We can't get a signal from our home... something about trees getting in the way.

Anyway, he had a guy out to discover this for us. It was raining that day. We have cedar shake roofing... slippery even when dry. Frank told the guy not to go up in the rain. The guy said, 'I can handle it. I'm a professional!' Famous last words. He went up; he came down... fortunately not all the way because Frank had a 'roofer's something or other' at the edge for his own protection when he had to go up there for maintenance reasons.

Frank doesn't have that 'instruction problem' any more. I guess over forty years of constant nagging... constant 'I told you so's'.....and occasional wrong turns will fix it, eh?


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