Wednesday, October 01, 2003

PhotoTime... Serendipity

PhotoTime Tuesday..... the theme is Serendipity

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Porcupine settled in for the night

What are the chances that you might find a porcupine settling in for the night? Yes, that 'furry' ball in the tree is a porcupine! I had never even seen a porcupine before this. Frank and I were climbing the 'Skyline Trail' at Ludington State Park just before dusk, planning to catch a few superb sunsets. A couple headed in the opposite direction told us they saw a porcupine walking under the skywalk... and we sort of watched for him below us as we headed to our spot, expecting he was already past us...

...and looking through the trees to see where our sunset would be we saw him!!! Click for photo He was in a tree! As we watched we clicked away... that wonderful little Fuji has a much faster recovery time than Frank's Nikon and especially faster than the poor old dearly departed Olympus. Got a couple of good shots... and a couple of almost good shots. Four of them are posted at my Fotopic Gallery. Just click on the thumbnail to get to the first of the series. I took the last photo as we walked back to our vehicle. Skywalk was not a very good place to photograph a sunset this time of year, but it sure was a stroke of good fortune when this granni saw my first porcupine!


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