Saturday, July 26, 2003

PhotoTime challenge of the week is..... Weather

We've had lots of rain but.....
it's the wind that bit us!

A beautiful sunny day but a bit windy..... i was enjoying an unexpected photo session with a gorgeous yellow butterfly flirting with my geraniums! I heard a 'crunch' and a 'crash' and at the same time a lack of sound coming from the house! A tree - one of the 'leaners' in the woods - had fallen and took out our electricity. Of course we walked into the woods for an investigatory photo session! Oh! yeah! We phoned the electric company first... thanks to the trusty cell... our only phone at the lake. The bad news? We had no power for about seven hours. The good news? Nobody and nothing was hurt and we went to the 'big lake' for an unplanned excursion!


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