Tuesday, July 22, 2003

My personal frustration was the 'no cable modem' fiasco from Charter, but not much to photograph, so here's my contribution to PhotoTime number 6..... Frustration:

'Haul 'er in, kids!'

Just an average weekend on the lake... watching the jetskis, water skiiers and power boats towing their kids behind. Then I heard 'Hey, what are you doing?' and the Dad's response, 'It's not my fault... the boat won't go!' Yup, had time to get my camera! By then there were a couple of kids in the water, swimming... pulling the boat back to the public access ramp! Kind of frustrating for one boating family, but kind of funny for the observer. All they had to do was swim a little closer toward shore, stand up and pull it in... quicker, easier and faster!


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