Tuesday, February 24, 2004

PhotoTime Tuesday - Theme #38..... Green

PhotoTime Tuesday - Theme #38..... Green

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Who laid THAT egg!!!?!!

I do so like green eggs and ham, Sam I Am. As i attempted to get the perfect photo of this green egg, even EllieMae JoBob had reason to question it. No it's not an artificially colored 'Easter egg' - it's the way it came out of the chicken!
Click to see more green stuffA neighbor gave us a whole dozen of these extremely 'fresh from the farm' eggs laid by his Araucana chickens. Not only were they the greenest eggs... the biggest ones... but they were the tastiest eggs i've ever tasted. Must have been the freshness factor and the fact that our neighbors grow 'happy' chickens in their back yard.

Click on the little green thumbnail to see my 'baker's dozen' photos of things green. Now that's my backyard this morning, as seen through green-colored glasses.


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