Friday, January 02, 2004

PhotoTime Tuesday..... Macros

Saginaw Zoo Penguin

Penguin ornament...

...purchased at the Saginaw Children's Zoo where we spend many enjoyable hours every year.

Wasn't planning to extend the holidays further but this won 'best of show' in my personal endeavor to get good photos when i choose that little flower thingy on the digital camera! I just keep expecting i should be able to get even closer i guess. Oh well! This photo of ivy ran a close second. The ivy was salvaged, along with the geraniums, from my summer box of flowers at the lake. This is their second winter 'layover' and just keep growing bigger and better. Not only that, they brighten the dull days of winter.

Speaking of dull... have you visited my 'Day in the Life - New Year's Eve 2003' yet? It was a fairly ordinary day, but that's how we prefer to transition into the new year. Stoney, i'm with you on that crowd thing! It's almost a phobia with me.


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